Our History

Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I was part of a race team that ran in the “ONE LAP OF AMERICA”. One of my friends (and teammate) made a ton of the original KEEP RIGHT bumper stickers. Half read correctly while the other half was printed backwards, so the person driving in front of you, could look into his rear view mirror and read KEEP RIGHT correctly. The team stopped doing the “ONE LAP” for various reasons and I ended up with a boat load of bumper stickers.

In the later part of the 90’s our children started going to boarding school in New England and with our summer place in Rhode Island, I was driving a lot on interstates 95 and 91, where drivers do everything in the left hand lane, but keep right. With all those extra bumper stickers and some blank black license plates, I started making the KEEP RIGHT plates. After several trips north, with plates mounted on the front of my Suburban I noticed that drivers who could read, were moving out of the left lane and letting me pass. I subsequently put the plates on the front of all our vehicles and one of our neighbors has named us the KEEP RIGHT people.

I have gotten a lot of positive comments on the plates and people have asked where did I buy it, so with that kind of public support and the original sticker running out, I decided to start KEEP RIGHT LLC.